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Melungeon DNA results

The Melungeon DNA results are in and make for good reading!

Wanted to let you know that, along with European, African and Native American, we did indeed find Turkish, Syrian and North Indian in the DNA study (I'm attaching the basic press release - every news organization is playing it somewhat differently). My own Mitochondrial DNA through my Mother is Siddi - the unusual African-Indian sequence found heavily among the Romany/Gypsies.  My Mitochondrial line follows the path where so many of the English Gypsy surnames are found. Plus, this is the same line that claimed Black Dutch. etc. I also have other direct lines that married into this line that are showing Turkish DNA via the Y-chromosome (male). We're certainly a broad mix, but this is very, very interesting.,1282,53383,00.html

Anyone with information contact me.

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