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Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis, Tennessee

There are hundreds of Gypsies (Rumneychels) majority English in Elmwood Cemetary (link is offsite) in Memphis, Tennessee. There are many Cooper, Cooley, Harrison, Peirce, Stanley, Young and Jeffery graves all with headstones. One is huge and even has a whole campground carved in granite or marble with tents and a campfire. They have been buried there since way back and are still being buried there.

There are many places that travellers will bury at mostly where they live. Pinebluff, Arkansas; Spiro Oklahoma; Texarkana, Arkansas; Mobile, Alabama; Birmingham Alabama; Atlanta, Georgia; Houston, Texas; Louisville, Kentucky; etc.  Travellers will come from all over to a funeral even if it is a distant distant cousin.  It is really something else to see.

Georgina Rose Boswell Jan. 1,1911-Oct. 19,1985 is buried under a magnificent large double headstone carved all up with a campsite.  Her husband still lives.

Submitted 24 February 2001.

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