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Here we go again. You know, we are asphalt contractors, licensed and insured in the yellow pages, pay city county state and federal taxes. We live in a 250,000 dollar home in the nicest part of town drive a a new 300M Mercedes and a new quad cab pickup ("decked out "as they call it), own a "flashy" mobile home and are "Gypsy."  80% of asphalt pavers in the pages are Travellers.  Well, do we go around proclaiming our heritage?  Only if we want the finance companies to deny us (you know I heard from a traveller that GMAC wont even take a "Harrison" if he is a self employed asphalt contractor) or how about the mortgage company that refuses us or gives us an interest rate so high we want want to take it, even if we were approved, or how about the insurance company checking us out for that fraud and scamming that we are so associated with (I am sure they would go alot deeper into our claims record) or how about our neighbors?  They would freak!"oh, hi, my name is so and so and we are Gypsies new to the neighborhood nice to meet you ."HA!!!  You wouldn't be able to see one thing left in their yards that wasn't nailed down and if they did have something come up missing you couldn't tell them that the "Gypsy" family on the corner didn't steal it!  That must answer the question to all outsiders "why are the Gypsies so secretive?"" Why do they stay off by themselves?" Oh and my children already know they better not let the school or any of their friends know anything about "Gypsies" or them being one!! Oh the nightmare and interrogation they would endure.  So its hush hush until you get around your own kind.  We used to travel from town to town and work legal you know, buy contractors license in the town we were in and get permits pulled and stuff. Work cheap and do good jobs leave customers satisfied.  We did good and we made money but we got took in sometimes too. Questioned "why were we there?" "what did we think we were doing ?" We got took in, a few times, was it because our work was "substandard" or "shoddy"?  No.  It was because we were "Gypsies."  So we packed up and moved on.  Sometimes I wonder if we were born to run or is it we were just always run off?  But anyway after reading articles like these, its no wonder we don't travel anymore.

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