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Mustapha. Colleton Co., SC.  While researching my families history I have come across some Arabic names. One being the Mustapha family of Colleton County in White Hall, South Carolina. Also the Camel family which may be the name Kamel in arabic. These two families were both associated with the Bluff Plantation in White Hall which is in Colleton country. The spelling of the Mustapha family name has changed throughout time. Up until the last 3 generations it was spelled Mustapha, but now it is spelled Mustipher. There are still some family members with the spelling Mustapha but they are few in numbers these days. As for the Camel family I have very little information.  The Mustapha family is my family. I can trace the family back to my great great great grand father, Thomas Mustapha. During my grand fathers time, whose name was Mekmime Mustipher, the spelling was changed. We still have some African first names in our family also, like Doleh, Mekmime, Fileef, Toub, Qudsi etc. I have not been able to find out the specific ethnic group those names originated with as of yet. I know that my family has lived on the Bluff plantation which was owned by the Hayward family and then the Lane family, I have also looked into censes records and all of those family members I have come across were marked as freemen and not slaves.  I have also found records from the 1800s of some family members who were aboard a ship bound for Liberia in West Africa, but that is all. I do know that there are documents in South Carolina written by some Heyward family member which may shed more light on this subject.  I think my family and the Camel family, both of White Hall South Carolina, must have a VERY interesting story to tell.  I just happened to stumble across the name Jamel Camel, on a 1921 marriage certificate. They listed this person as being from White Hall, South Carolina which is in Colleton Co. P.S. I have also read about a Bashir family somewhere in the low country of South Carolina. This name too is definitely Arabic in origin. I am very interested in the Muslim presence in the low country among Gullah people during that period.  Sincerely, Olaniyan Mustipher  6 Oct. 2000

Scott/Parrott, Sumter, SC.  I am in search of a Fleming T. Scott (born 1833 in Sumter, SC) that married a Sarah Jane Parrott (born Dec. 1839 in Sumter, SC).  The story goes that Fleming Scott's father was in the British Royal Navy and married a lady or princess from Madrid, Spain by the name of Consuela. My family members are listed as mullatto and black. My family is white, but with dark skin believed to have spanish blood line. We have also been told we were of Cherokee Indian descent. So far we can not prove either story. B. Scott or B. Scott 15 March 2001.

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