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This was forwarded to me a while back.  How can they do this?  I mean how can they say Gypsies and Travellers are all scam artists!!!  That should be a lawsuit don't you think?  I mean how can you say all these scams are Gypsy or Traveller related?!  In other words, American citizens," I am labeling Gypsies as straight out robbing scammers" yes, "so when you hear the word Gypsy BEWARE you could be next." "Here's what they drive, here's where they stay, and here's what they're selling and where it came from."  That's like me saying ok people, there are some Italians here. they are all in the mob and are killing and laundering money as we speak. They are from out of town and they drive Cadillacs and Mercedes and will be eating in Italian restaurants be on the look out for any dark headed Italian speaking people. Run for your life!!!!! and call the law on any one of them that you may see.

Or how about there are some black people selling drugs and pimping women out.  If you see any African Americans this is what they are up to! They drive big Buicks and Cadillacs and are known to stop on corners and put women out.  They are all in gangs that participate in drive by shootings so be on the look out for these particular people!!!  How quick would the NAACP be on that?!

No harm meant to Italian or Blacks but is this legal?  To relate a whole ethnic origin to a scam or a crime that God knows who could have done it?  Sure some Travellers may be scam artists, and they may let you assume it want cost as much as it actually ends up costing but so do doctors, lawyers, mechanics, etc.  But what happens to me if I decided to go to this town and was spotted by some one who just finished this reporter's lovely article on Gypsy scam kings, and I just happened to be driving a "flashy" truck that is pulling a travel trailer with a for sale sign in it?  You better believe you can count on it that my whole family and I will be hauled down town to the precinct for some routine questioning and an invitation to participate in a criminal line up. ITS HAPPENED BEFORE!! and you know what they do with you when they are through and they can't get anything on you?  You get a personal escort to the county line so they can make sure that you really are "just passing through". and by this time my family and I are so scared and thankful we didn't get locked up that all we can do is smile at them like we're dinlers and tell them thank you and roll on.

This kind of article just amazes me. tell the crime... tell who committed the crime.... but don't talk negatively about the whole group.  This is just one of a hundred articles just like this that are printed all over America.  I guess it just goes to show, you can't live down the "Gypsy name."

RCMP Warn Residents Of Travelling Scam Artists (FOC: RCMP is Royal Canadian Mounted Police)

By John Barlow

Local RCMP are warning residents in the Foothills about a group of roaming scam artists known as the Travellers.  High River RCMP said the Travellers typically visit Alberta during the spring, take up residence in a local campground and run their scams in a radius of 100 kilometres or more.  The groups run scams involving paving, painting, roofing, lightning rods or any other home renovation.

'(The scam) is any home renovation type of activity where someone is duped into believing they can get something for nothing, because what the Traveller offers is nothing for something,' stated the press release.  According to the release, the Travellers, who are direct descendants of true Gypsies, often target seniors and hound their victims until they have received as much money as the scam artist feels he get out of his victim. What work is completed is usually sub-standard.

In addition to home renovation scams, the Travellers sell RV units. However, the units are extremely cheaply made in Elk Hart, Indiana specifically for the Travellers. RCMP say it is not unusual for the Travellers to sell two or three trailers while in the campground.

The Travellers, who are generally caucasian with English, Scottish or Irish accents, usually drive new luxury trucks and vans with tinted windows, ladders on top, towing expensive looking recreational trailers with 'For Sale' signs in the window.  In addition, the Travellers may be known as the Williamson Gang, Terrible Townsleys or the Barnstormers.

RCMP warn residents to avoid contractors who:

· knock on your door offering a special price because they just happen to be doing work in the area.

· promise a discount if you allow them to use your home to advertise their work. The same offer is likely made to everyone.

· quote a price without seeing the actual job.

· demand a large downpayment for materials.

· conduct a free inspection of your home and then suggest major repairs.

· generally anyone who shows up unexpectedly, but appears to perform a specific function such as roof repair, paving, etc. and gives you the line, 'I do good work.'

Before agreeing to have any work done call the Better Business Bureau of Southern Alberta at 531-8780 or your local detachment of the RCMP.

Yo, people!  This kind of nonsense goes on around me here in Massachusetts all the time, and certainly is unrelated to Travellers, or Gypsies for that matter.

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