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The  "Turks" of Sumter County

Census Data for The "Turks" of Sumter County

The on line 1790 Sumter Co. census does not show any Benenhaleys in Sumter County, but does show two Scotts:
Scott, Charles 2-1-4-0
Scott, James 1-1-1-0

(columns are: free white males >16, free white males <16, females, slaves.

Federal (rev. war) Pension: James Scott, Sumter Dist., Private, SC Continental Lline, $96 allowance, $790 received, 17 May 1819 pension started, age 81, so he was born c1738.

1850 Census Index
Benenhaley 392A
Benenhaly 392A
Scott 368A, 386A, 388A, 392A, 393B, 394A, 412A, 418A, 418B
Turk 386B, 388B

Note the "mulatto" designation can not be taken literally in these data.  The Scotts were "classified" as white in 1790, then sometimes mulatto, sometimes black, sometimes white!

1850 Sumter County Census Data
1130- Elizabeth Benenhaley--70 (It is almost positive this was Joseph's widow).
Washington Oxendine-21
1331-Francis Benenhaley- 48-Wheelwright (son of Joseph and Elizabeth)
James S.----15
John W. ----7
Francis W--(male) 3
1332---Joseph Benenhaley--45 Planter (son of Joseph and Elizabeth)
Wm-- -----12
Thos -------------10
Mary A.-------4
                                   Thanks to Sue New for submitting these data.

1860 Sumter Co SC census
Jocey Benenhaley ---55 mullatto (sic) Farmer (son of Joseph)
Katie----------46 Mulatto
Wm------------25 Mulatto Farm laborer
Thos---------23 " "
Ellen---------22 "
Mary C. Benanhail----29 mulatto
Randol----18 " daylaborer
Alice --------16
Henry--------14 "
Jos.------------12 "
Julius------------10 "
John----------- --8 "
Betsie------------60 "
Isabella Benanhaile--40 mulatto
Joel-------------------35 "
Magdalena------------14 "
Elizabeth--------------12 "
Lucardy---------------10 (f) "
John-------------------6 "
Ferdinand Benanhaile---45 mulatto- Farmer (son of Joseph)
Elizabeth---------------40 "
Warren----------------14 "
Ben (twin)---------------14 "
Mary-----------------12 "
Wm ----------------10 "
Louis---------------------8 "
Sammy-------------------6 "
In this neighborhood were Deas & Oxendine families, who were related to Benenhaley members.
                             Courtesy of ,and thanks to, Sue New.

1868 Stateburg Township Militia Enrollement
Lexington "Bonehale" age 20 farmer, color white
Lawrence "Benehale" age 20 farmer, color white
Ewach "Bonehale" age 19 farmer, color white
Tim Scott, age 29, farmer, color colored
Henry Turk (!), age 28, farmer, color white
Thomas "Benehale," age 35, farmer colored

1870 Census
age race sex
111 112 Lawrence Benenhaly 21 m m "m" signifies mulatto
111 112 Lawrendon Benenhaly 21 m m
111 112 John Benenhaly 16 m m
131 133 Thomas Scott 40 b m
Sarah Scott 28 b f
Henry Scott 2 b m
Frank Scott 1 b m
140 142 Pressly Scott 35 b m

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