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Irish Travellers

This road is well travelled too! Irish Travellers are not Gypsies, yet they are often called so by Gadjo (non-Gypsies).  Irish Travellers share many traits with Gypsies, but are not of Asian Indian origin.  Irish Travellers are Celts, fair of skin, often blond, often blue eyed.  Some claim they even predate the Celtic invasion of Ireland, and this may be so.

Traveller Queries

A Settlement of Irish Travellers in South Carolina

Irish Traveller surnames are Costello,  Carpenter, Carroll, Gormon, Lewis, McNalley, Mack,  Ohara, Riley, Sherlock, Roche, Sheedy, Joy, Joyce, Hartnett

Travellers Rest  (off site)- A web site devoted to the Irish Traveller

American Roma & Traveller Home Page

SCGenWeb Home Page

We will add to this page as we obtain these records and manuscripts.

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