Garai clan (USA)

The Garai Rom are a very difficult Gypsy tribe to research because there is hardly any detailed evidence of their activities recorded. With the political burdens and racism in Spain and westerrn Europe, the Garai's history was completely forgotten, as they were unsuccessfully integrated by the Spaniards. The Garai Rom were actually a race of people that originated in the Burmese area east of India near Romandel called Garai in 3000 BC. With the circumstances unknown, Garai's inhabitants dusbanded into India in 3500 BC for political reasons, possibly reasons dealing with waring tribes, or famine. By 2000 BC, the people of this country were identified as Garai tribes people, and were used as servents to nobles in India, ie musicians and craftmen(there is this story of the Garai being offered musical instruments to play and horses for local travel. however, the Garai's used the stringed instruments as fire wood and ate the horses!) In 1000 BC, with ravaging tribes and racism at hand, the Garai Rom retreated into what is now Tibet and spent an unrecorded amount of time there. However, in 326 BC, the Garai Rom traveled west to what is modern Palestine and became mercenaries of Jesus Christ and his word of Christianity. The Garai later traveled to the northern Chinese area of Urumqi, but they did not integrate with nomadic Hunnish people or anyone else, as the Garai were a very secluding and close people. By 1000 AD, the Garai Rom traveled through India and Arabia, crossing over to Somalia, Ethiopia, and Sudan, where they showcased jewelry precious metal and stone making talents(which has been dated back to there time in China) to noble tribes people, and eventually the average person. With an excellent sense of business and and gold making talents, the Garai became the richest Roma ever to exist! The Garai migrated into northern Africa.  (more to come)


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