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Gypsy surnames (from Scotland) and gypsies deported to Virginia 

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The most complete list of gypsies sentenced to transportation appears in "Directory of Scots Banished to the American Plantations, 1650-1775", by David Dobson,1984,Baltimore, MD Genealogical Publishing Co. includes 16 Scottish Travelers forming 3groups sentenced in 1682, 1715 and 1739.

Agnes Anderson - banished to Barbados or Virginia, 2-28-1667
Gilbert Baillie, gypsy, prisoner in Edinburgh, Tolbooth, transported from Greenock to N.Y., 21 Oct. 1682, ETR
Hugh Baillie, gypsy, same as above.
James Baillie, the younger, d.o.
John Baillie, gypsy, d.o. from Greenock to N.Y., same date
Margaret Baillie, d.o.
Robert Baillie, gypsy & thief, prisoner in Dumfries Tolbooth, 5-1-1739, banished to plantations in America for life.
Jean Brown, gypsy & thief, prisoner, as above.
Alexander DeWars (not called a gypsy) banished to S.C., July 22, 1730 and landed on the "John and Robert"
Mary & Peter Faa, gypsies, prisoners in Jedburgh Tolbooth banished from there 30 Nov.1714, transported via Glasgow on a Grennock ship, master James Watson, by merchants Robert Buntine of Airdoch, James Lees & Charles Crawford to Virginia, Jan 11715, GR
John Fenwich, Elizabeth Lindsay, d.o.
John Hamilton, prisoner at Edinburgh Tolbooth, transported from Grennock toN.Y. 21Oct 1682 ETR
Andrew Hogg, prisoner in Edinburgh Tolbooth sent from Greenock to N.Y. 21Oct 1682ETR
Jean Hutson, gypsy & thief, prisoner in Dumfries to America for life at Dumfries, 1 May1739, JC 
Mary & William Tait, d.o.
Margaret Robertson, gypsy, prisoner in Edinburgh Tolbooth, transported Greenock to N.Y. 21 Oct 1682 ETR
Mary Robertson, gypsy, prisoner in Jedburgh, 9-1-1715 to Virginia, Master James Watson, by merchants Robert Buntine of Airdoch, as above,
Jean Ross, Janet Yorstoun, Mabel Stirling, all d.o.(GR - Glasgow records, SP/C - State Papers (Colonial), PC - Registry of Privy Council of Scotland, CTP - Calendar of Treasury papers, ETR - Edinburgh Tolbooth records, VSP -Virginia State papers, calendar of.)

Some Common English gypsy surnames, according to scholars, are: Stanley, Smith, Boswell, Robson

A common Welsh gypsy name - Roberts

Gypsy studies (see Gypsy Lore Society internet notes) say there are similarities in Gypsy Romani language to Turkish.  Encyclopedia says there were Gypsies in Henrico Co., Va. in 1695, and that not only England, but Spain and Portugal deported gypsies to America.  The Gypsy Lore Society in Maryland is online and can be found with a search engine.  I wrote "The Romany and Traveler Family History Society, was given the information that after the Vagrancy Act of 1597, gypsies were transported to the colonies to rid England of "incorriglble rogues" and to provide forced labor. Most were sent to the American colonies, amongst them, in 1715, were eight border gypsies, sent to work onthe Virginia plantations.

Note by FOC, ye webmeister: use caution here.  True Gypsies do not approve of the Gypsy Lore Society.  It is viewed as not representing true views of Gypsies, but rather those of Gadjo.

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