American Gypsy (USA)

As you will see when you visit these, they are oriented towards Europe.  Hence the rationale for this web site.
These are all off-site, and many are worth visiting.
God's Gypsy Christian Church Los Angeles (Le Devleske Romany Kongerey ondo Los Angeles)
Patrin web site Outstanding!  The best.
University of Hertfordshire Press devoted to preserving Gypsy culture in print (UK)
Balval (The wind) by M. Jean-Claude Mégret (in French, very well done.)
Romani.org Gypsy web site
Was your Ancestor a Gypsy? England
Gypsies in the Holocaust Holocaust Reading
More Reading on The Holocaust Holocaust Reading
Romany / English Dictonary by: Angela Ba'Tal Libal and Will Strain
Roma Page Hungarian Roma web site (Some pages in English)
The Marginalisation of Gypsies Helen O'Nions LL.M., University of Leicester (UK)
Artemis Gypsy and Traveller Education (UK)
Django Reinhardt Perhaps the greatest Gypsy guitar player, world famous.
Gypsies of France National Geographic article (European oriented)
Gypsies, the Outsiders National Geographic article (European oriented)
Rom News Network European
The Gypsy Lore Society Gadjo
Links to Melungeon web sites Many good links

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We will add to this page as we obtain these records and manuscripts.

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