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ANDALUSIA, Spain.  I am looking for any Christian Gypsies from (Andalusia) region of south Spain or that may have moved to the USA from there. David Vinson  16 August 2002

BEE, Pennsylvania.  The earliest Bee that I have is one Jacob Bee who lived in the Womelsdorf area of PA and married a Margaret Ries/Rees ca 1808 at the Trinity Tulpehocken Church. I descend(my mother was a Bee) from Benjamin Bee, born ca. 1822 PA and who married a Margaret Bigham about 1847 in Huntingdon Co.,PA.  There are so many rumors that the Bees had Indian blood(I do genealogy and have not found any yet.)  Benjamin was killed in 1870 and buried and then dug up the following year. He wore golden earrings which he fashioned (he was a blacksmith by trade and his sons were too). He wore high bucksin boots with a Bowie type knife hidden in one and a Colt 45 tucked in wide leather belt. Many of the lineage on this group are dark(like I am but I also inherit olive skin from some of the Slav genes) and swarthy looking. I am just very curious about this line as it was said that Benjamin was also identified by the shape of his skull(coroner's report did not list what type of skull that he had). From this line we have inherited am odd bump in roof of mouth called a Tor?  This family moved a lot, including my Grandfather who became a tenant farmer and I still have the wanderlust.  Any clues???   B. Thornton  2 Sept. 2003

BONER.  Pennsylvania. My family (Boner family- Black Dutch) hailed from PA to Tennessee around 1800 (Henry Boner). We know the family lived in Lancaster Co., PA and Manheim. Several researchers in the family say the family came from the Palatine to Rotterdam as Bohner (Johann Heinrich Bohner??) thence to PA. Has anyone ever come acrost the Boner (Bohner, Bonaugh, or other variant) in PA Gypsy names? The physical traits mentioned definitly describe the darker side of my family, and even some cultural traits (such as handling pets). Does the German surname RAU have a gypsy connection?  Brant Boner 19 Feb. 2001

BROOKS. SC: Jim Bryan has a photo of Madam Brooks' trailer on his web site, and  recalls the following: Madam Brooks was a fortune teller in Allendale and she lived for years in that little trailer (shown on his web site).  I was always told she was a Gypsy, and therefore I was scared to death of her.  I never saw her, that I know of, but she ran a booming business.  I am told she got rather well off on telling one's fortune.  Please contact me with information on her, especially if it relates to our Herron family who lived nearby in Branchville, SC.  Frank O. Clark, 5 May 2001

CANTY, SC.  I have fair complected Cantys from old Barnwell Co., SC (Allendale), who married our Gypsy Herrons.  Does anyone know if these Cantys could have been Irish Travellers?   Frank O. Clark, 21 May 2001

CASSUTT, FAZEDIN.  North Dakota, Montana.  I seek information of northwest US Gypsies and Canada Gypsies above North Dakota and Montana.  Please contact Liz Palmer with information on this family.  Be sure and read the wonderful oral tradition. (Comments by ye webmeister:  this is the way it should be recorded: by whom, when, where, and context.) May 2000

CLARK, MS.   I am an Afro-Gypsy from Chicago suburbs and my Great Grandmother was full blooded Gypsy her name was Anabel Clark and she was born 1885 in Greenwood Mississppi and She died in the 1970ths in Chicago. Her sister was from Yazoo, Mississippi and I was wondering if she could be related to Flora Mitchell who was also from Yazoo or part of the Mississppi Gypsy Tribe. If you have any futher information on the Mitchell family or the Mississippi Gypsy Tribe please E-mail me.  From what nation did the Mitchell family come, Romainia via Argentina or Hungarian?  Robert Lee Jackson Jr.  13 Aug. 2002

COOK. SC.   I have had e-mails on this group of Cooks as being gypsies that entered South Carolina through Beaufort ports. They being gator trappers and such, They did settled along swamp area and they were hunters, gators and such. But have not got the proof or documentation to prove this theory. Y. Deloach: 19 Oct. 2003

GYPSY COMMUNITIES, USA.  I have just returned from a tird trip to Eastern Europe within a 15 month period. I am working with Gypsies...bringing them the Gospel, as well as working with others to provide work, food , clothing etc./ I have been told that there are pockets of Gypsy communities here in the states. Can anyone help me to establish ties with these groups?  I am myself the decendant of a Gypsy family from western Hungary. Bill Tollis 17 Nov. 2002

COOLEY, HARRISON, LEE and SMALL. South.  I am trying to get information on specific Romnichels in the south: Cooley, Harrison, Lee and Small.  I'm trying to put together my family tree. My father is in ill health and I'd like to get as much as possible before he passes.   T. Harrison Aug. 2001

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DANCE TROUPS.  I am seeking information on Gypsy or Middle-Eastern Traveling Dance Troupes in America during the Civil War. I am working on a special project for the re-enacting club that I belong to and need to find documentation to show that such a troupe could have (or did) traveled to (or with) some of the circuses that were making the circuit during the war. My dance instructor in Portland, OR claims to have some photographs of a traveling dance troupe alleged to exist in the early 1860's.  Any help along these lines will be appreciated.  Micheal D. Cowan  13 Aug. 2002

FIDERKIEWICZ, Poland, NJ. Bergitka Roma family (North Carpatian Gypsies) from Jurgow (Poland).  Michal Fiderkiewicz Born: Sosnowiec Poland.   Ewa Gil Fiderkiewicz Born Bialka Tatrzanska (Poland) and Kayah Karolina Fiderkiewicz.  - migrated to US 1999 from Poland . Representing rare "Bergitka Roma Tribe" from Upper Carpatia.  Language: Bergitka Romensatar - Jurgowatar, Polish,Dutch and English.  For more info :  Acxon Devlesa! 16 Aug. 2002

FOWLER.  Alabama.  Searching for information on my gg grandfather, Robert Joseph Fowler, b Liverpool, England 1810 (?). m Martha Mahoney b 1815 (?) in Skibereen, Cork County, Ireland. One of their children was born in Fort Erie, Ontario in 1845 (?). From there they went to Alabama. Through communication with a woman from England, I am given to understand that Fowlers in Liverpool in the 1800's were Gypsies. I would appreciate information or websites to search.  C.L. Wolff   29 Sept. 2000

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GELLER.  Arkansas.   My great great grandmother was "Black Dutch." Mom says her family was from the Arkansas area. I seek info on them. I have pics of her.  Very dark, proud, and beautiful. I think my mom has Mediterranean Fever, the  doctor is checking. Some of my family are very dark, black eyes, my sister looks a bit Arabic, but I am a white skinned, red head with distinct features. Please, I seek more information.  C.T.R. Geller 21 May 2001

GREEN, Southeast.  Hello, I've been researching my families in the Va, NC, Ky area.The names are Wells, Green, Porter, Hutchinson, Kilgore, Cowan, Walker, Craft, Sparks. They are English, Scotch, Irish, and migrated around together starting in Scott, Lee, Prince George, Russell, Augusta Co's in Va, also an area refered to as "Castles Woods" and "Sinking Spring""in Va, then to Lawrence ,Floyd, Johnson,Co in Ky as well as Surry, Yadkin,Wilkes, Rockingham Co's in NC. Where one family went they all went. Also in Va an area called Clinch River. The families seemed to marry within each other not often outside. They also have been noted to name all their children the same to where there are so many John Walkers, Lewis Greens,and Robert Kilgores you dont know where to start! I find nothing about them being Melungeon on line, but did see a reference to Lewis Green, Sr as being "A man of very brown complexion". what is the likelihood of these families being Melungeon/ Roma? Lots of black hair, green to dark brown eyes,some fair to olive skin noted in my family. Also the "Grandpa was Cherokee" myth that I haven't been able to totally verify yet. B. Counts 21 May 2001

HARDIN, SC, GA.  I'm trying to locate information on one of meyGreat-great grandmothers, Martha Ann "Mattie" Hardin, born about 1850-1855(Harden, Harding).  We have always been told she was Native American but having recently seen a photo of her I have doubts. Now, My Grandmother always said we had Gypsy Blood and I wonder if this is where the blood comes in. Can anyone please help?  T. Wofford  1 Oct. 2002

HUNT (Herron).  SC/GA. Seek information on our Gypsy ancestors, who we believe to have been the second wife of Richard Herron, born c1845 and died <c1907, Sallie Hunt.  He lived in the area of Branchville, South Carolina, (Orangeburgh Co.), then Augusta, GA. His first wife was Harriet Barrs or Parrs, reputedly fair (was she an Irish Traveller?), and her children were fair. His second wife was, we believe, Sally (Sarah) Hunt who was dark. Her children: Herbert H. Herron born c1882, Charles Cumiller Herron born 1885 died 10 May 1950, Richard Herron born c1888?  Frank O. Clark, 27 July 2003.

HICE. SC.  I am a descendant of the Hice family who were of those who came into port of Charleston, South Carolina in 1867. My information so far says my family was "Black Dutch of Holland". My family is fair skinned, blonde hair, and blue eyes if this helps. I am trying to find out where they came from. I hope someone can recall this last name. I will be searching out ships records and other information I have recently obtained but any help anyone out there could provide would be greatly appreciated.  Christina C. O'Donald (Hice)  16 August 2002

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Kinnison. KY.  I'm fairly sure that Travellers or Gypsies are in my family line.  My Granmother's Grandma, Dolly Lee who became a Kinnison was described to me as Cherokee/English; they lived in Kentucky in a log cabin-type house with a dirt floor and a cauldron in fireplace which was in the main room. My Great-Uncle and Grandmother met her when they were young, she was about 100+ years old, then. What got me thinking was some of the stories about her; she was actually a sort of witch.. meaning she sold medicines and herbs (Ginseng and Yellow Picune Root) in Louisville, she was a midwife, could dance with a jug on her head without spilling a drop; knew spells and magick. Most folks were afraid of her.  She was decribed to me as a "stringy haired White woman" by my great uncle.  This is interesting, as we are a Black family.  Every woman in my maternal line since then has been a spiritualist of sorts; today, I read Tarot cards for a living-I learned from my mom, who had a lot of books on 'Gypsies". She seemed to be fascinated with the culture; I never knew why.  Now, I was always told that my Grandma Dolly's mother was one of a band of "Indians" being forced to walk a long distance, through Kentucky.. the men were shot and the women sold into slavery. Grandma Dolly learned everything she knew from her mother, whose name has been lost. I thought these were Cherokee who had been forced to walk the trail of tears. But certain things don't add up.  Cherokee people are notoriously hostile to "witches". Grandma Dolly probably wouldn't have learned the kind of stuff she practiced from that culture.  Also, my whole family seems to be unable to stay in one place.. we are globetrotters.  Another thing.. my Grandmother (Maggie) looked exactly like some of the photos I've seen of Roma.  My mother looked like she was from India, or Black and Indian.  I have "shovel teeth, and the Anatolian bump, inherited from Grandma Maggie. My Grandmother had long, wavy auburn hair, (almost knee length)grey eyes, and and was walnut colored.  In my family, we tend to be rather hairy, which is not a Native or Black trait.. so, I'm curious.  Oh, yes.. we also tend to develop a grey ring around the iris of the eye.. and it's not cataracts. And we are also extremely susceptible to the worst Rhematoid arthritis-my Grandmother's case made medical history books and journals, no-one had seen anything like it. She literally had no joints left by the time she died.  I do know, from my Grandmother's stories that 'Gypsies' did indeed travel through Southern Illinois and Kentucky; she reported helping some of them, after most folks ran them off.  So, I'm wondering a couple of things; (1) is it possible that Gypsy people were marched along with Cherokee on the Trail of tears? Or were marched along that route?  Possible mixing between Melungeon/Black families and Gypsy?  That Gypsies might prefer to be listed as "colored" rather than Gypsy because of stereotyping and rampant discrimination?( And downright persecution?) Family names; Lee, Hill, Kinnison, Grigsby, Bowman, Branch, Butler, and Shepherd.  So.. I'd love any feedback.  Erica Lauren Butler, AKA Raven 13 Aug. 2002

KNUCKLES, TN (spelling?) Question, I am researching my family history and I have reason to believe my ggrandmother may have been Gypsy. Her name was Mary Knuckles (spelling?) born 1855 married 1868 died 1880. As far as I can tell she had no birth record, no marriage license, and no death certificate. However I cannot find any other information and I was wondering if you knew of anyone that might know something and if I could contact them? She was supposed to have been a "small dark woman" and other than those dates I have no info. Also she was supposed to have been married in Anderson, TN.  Douglas R. Scharbrough 4 May 2001

LAKE, NJ, PA. In talking to my cousin in Morrisville Pa I learned my family ancesters were German Gypsies. Thier name is Lake. I was just talking to her again yesterday. Shes 70 years old now, and can remember the relatives reading tea leaves and such. What's really strange is that everyone who sees me all my life always thought I was Italian. But I always told them no I'm mostley German and English. Do you have any info on Lakes around Trenton N.J. or Morrisville Pa? My cousin could probably give you more info if you wanted it, Her father was nicknamed the Black Dutchman. Her father and my great-grandmother were brother and sister. L. Rogers 2 Sept. 2003

LOVELL. Maryland.  I am looking for any information on my great-grandfather Levi Lovell. His wife's name was Mary Helen (Ellen?) Smith. They were Romnichel Gypsies. Levi was murdered July 28, 1901 in Frostburg, Maryland, Allegany county. Any information on them or any of their children, please contact M. Thrash. One of their children's name was Irene (my grandmother). I also know they are related somehow to the Stanley Gypsies of Dayton Ohio. M. Thrash 17 Feb. 2001

LOVELL, Ohio.  I am researching the Lovell family of England, Romanichels. My paternal grandmother was Charity Lovell. She married a George Timmonds, who either was Gypsy, or was an Irish Traveller. I'm not sure which. Charity's son, Thomas Timmonds, my blood father, married Hattie Stanley (not my mother). He became a brother-in-law of Paul Stanley. My grandmother read cards for many years in Dayton, Ohio. I was born and raised in Dayton, but did not have much contact with my father's side of the family until I as well into adulthood. The contact at that time was rather brief, consisting of some conversations with a half-brother. I seek information or contacts about the Lovells.  A. Callahan  26 July 2003

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MILLS, STANTON, Missouri.  I am from a family that I know to be gypsy. My grandmother, Mary, was a fortune teller (palm reader), my grandfather, "Big Ed" was a tin smith, and my father, Joe, was a hydraulic technician as well as my uncles. We followed The Bogle Show carnival for many years, lived in trailers, and always paid cash for everything. I moved away from home at around twelve years of age, from Butler, MO. By that time they had changed the name from Stanton to Mills. Can anyone help me with my search for my family? Ted 4 Dec. 2002

MITCHELL. Virginia.  Researching the family of Nancy MITCHELL, b. 1799, Anderson County, m. Thomas Turner NEWSOM, b. 1791, Virginia. Other online researchers list her as the daughter of William Mitchell (b. 1768, Granville Co., NC, d. 1821, Abbeville, SC) and Chole SMITH (b. 1772, Fauquier Co., VA, d.1822, Abbeville). This Mitchell line traces to immigrant Abraham Mitchell, apparently born in England, came to Virginia in the 1600s. I wonder if anyone else is researching this family? Particularly, can someone confirm or disprove my theory that this line of the Mitchell family was of Gypsy heritage? Thanks, S. Bryan, May 2000

MITCHELL, SC.  I am very interested in finding any information about the Mitchell family is there a family web site or someone Icould contact?  My father's name was Fletcher Togorro Mitchell.  He was born in S.C. 1921.  I did not have much contact with him until about 1963.   He told me his father was a Gypsy  (Gypsy King?, Joseph Mitchell? & mother Maude?) and showed me a newspaper clipping from a celebration that took place I think in Florida? where it was said that he was given his weight in gold.  As my mothers family kept from me any information about my father or his family and I don't know where to start.  I am also looking for a younger sister named Cassandra (Mitchell) who I was told as a child was given or adopted by Gypsies.  I was born in St. Petersburg, FL in 1939   I would appreciate any clues. F.A. (Toni) Mitchell 13 Aug. 2002

NARANZETTA. KY/IN  I have a great uncle that I suspect could be a gypsy but I have no proof. He was married to my great aunt (I presume) but have never been able to find a marriage record.  Mollie Ethel Hart was born June 9, 1891, Bath County, Kentucky. As a young girl she ran off to be in circuses and wild west shows. On the deed to my grandfather's farm she is listed as Ethel Naranzetta.  This Naranzetta with a first name of Jack according to my father was a full blooded Indian Chief. He remembers sitting on his lap as a young boy ca. 1925. He also was in the circus and wild west shows. My great aunt lived with her brother and family in the mid 1920's-1930. The last time anyone heard from her was in 1933 when she sent a postcard to the brother (W. L. Hart of Anderson, IN). It had a picture of the Natural Bridge in Virginia. Supposedly she ran off again to live with the Indians??  Since I do not believe Naranzetta is an Indian name several have thought it could be eastern European (thus the gypsy possibility).  Any thoughts, suggestions, etc. would be greatly appreciated. P. Hart Leedom 13 March 2001

LOVELL/SMITH.  MD.  I am looking for any information on my greatgrandfather Levi Lovell. His wife's name was Mary Helen(Ellen?) Smith. They were Romnichel Gypsies. Levi was murdered July 28, 1901 in Frostburg Maryland in Allegany county. Any information on them or any of their children please contact me. One of their children's name was Irene (my grandmother). I also know they are related somehow to the Stanley Gypsies of Dayton Ohio.   M. Thrash  15 March 2001

MEGIEL, SC.  I am searching for gypsies that were in the Carolina's about 1910-1924.  I have a newspaper article that I wish I could follow up on . Dated Jan.12, 1923; Spartanburg Herald, S.C. Article about a gypsy family named MEGIEL, they set up camp on West Main St.... is that family name familiar to anyone ?  Nancie O'Sullivan 13 Aug. 2002

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SMITH, REDWINE, WALDIE.  VA, OH, various. I am tracing my genealogy to find out how my family knew the Romy language, as I still do. I was raised on the road, I went to 43 different schools by the time I was in the 4 th grade, I managed to get a college degree. I have traced my ggrandmother back to Lee county Virginia. We know the language came down thru her, Sara Matilda Smith. Her father was David Smith, She was born in 1849 and married first in 1867 to a Charles Redwine - I can't find out what happened to Mr Redwine. We know she was married several times prior to marrying William E. Waldie in 1883 in Dayton Ohio.. She had 5 children by him one being Martha Waldie, who raised me. I was persecuted numerous times at various schools when I was in grade school because of the stigma attached to Traveling People be they Gypsy or not. I met many Gypsies in my Life.  A clan we ran into, Cooper, when I was about 15 Years old tried to buy me for their son.  W. Carpen August 2001

SaCasoMorisay.  Have you ever heard the phrase "SaCasoMorisay"  It is said to be gypsy----A girl Iam trying to help keeps repeating it--------can you help?  Do you know what it means--   Pastor Russ 16 August 2002

Snerb, OH.  I have always suspected my mothers family might be gypsy. I am 71 years old. My grand mother's name was Sara Snerb, Is this by any chance a gypsy surname. She was born in Cincinnati, Ohio was married in Paris France, an arranged marriage. I will have more information if this rings a bell. Thank you Renee Long 13 Aug. 2002

SPARROW.  SFO.  I am searching for a William Sparrow, b. 1831, Suffolk, England, d. 1896 San Francisco, CA. He married Teresa Wharton. Children: George, William, Jr., Richard, Sidney, Melbourne, Uriah, Arthur, Caroline, Nevada, Emma, Mary Alice & Bathsheba.  I have an article that entitled "Death of a Gypsy King" which gives place of birth and death and children's names. It also says he lived in San Francisco for 35 years.  Their child George Sparrow, b. 1861, Melbourne, Australia, d. 1943, Stockton, CA.  George married Phoebe Wharton and they had Minnie Mae Sparrow. Minnie Mae Sparrow b. 1889, Salem, OR. d. 1969, Healdsburg, CA. Minnie married George H. Musser. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Pam Sullivan  13 Aug. 2002

STANLEY.  I would like to know more about Bryer Joles Stanley.  W.R.Kings 17 Feb. 2001

STANLEY.  PA. The Information on the Pennsylvania Dutch seem to fit my GGGrandmother to a "T".  The Census shows GGGrandmother as being Black. The Family have always had in question this information. The Information shows she was also a Slave under Joseph Thomas Hatch.  Rencently I was sent a Census showing my GGGrandmother was born in Pennsylvania in the year 1830. She was very dark complexed and wore her hair long and in braids. I have never seen a black woman who wore her hair long and in braids.  I have no idea when my GGGrandmother went to Louisiana. I do know her son, my GGrandfather, was born in 1856 in Alexandria, Louisiana. In 1873 she went to live in the "NEUTRAL ZONE" where she applied to Homestead property in 1882.  This GGGrandmother is on my fathers side.  I have a picture in the album of my mother with the name Aunt Peggy on the back. I never knew who Aunt Peggy may be. I finally found out through research Aunt Peggy was my GGGrandmother on my mothers side. I would look at the picture and would think she was of Indian descent. I would also think that she looked like a Gyspy from the way she was dressed. It looked as though she was wearing large earrings. Her hair looks as though it was worn atop her head possibly braided. My research has revealed her last name was Stanley.She also lived in the "NEUTRAL ZONE " of Louisiana. She was born in Louisiana.  Clifford Doyle 2 Sept. 2003

STANTON, MILLS, Missouri.  I am from a family that I know to be gypsy. My grandmother, Mary, was a fortune teller (palm reader), my grandfather, "Big Ed" was a tin smith, and my father, Joe, was a hydraulic technician as well as my uncles. We followed The Bogle Show carnival for many years, lived in trailers, and always paid cash for everything. I moved away from home at around twelve years of age, from Butler, MO. By that time they had changed the name from Stanton to Mills. Can anyone help me with my search for my family? Ted 4 Dec. 2002

STATORA, PA.  I am currently researching my family history. I have been unable to trace anything back to before my family immigrated to the US in the early 20th century. I am suspecting that there may possibly be some gypsy blood somewhere in my family history. I was wondering if anyone has any information as to where i could find Polish/Russian Gypsy family names or if anyone has heard of the surname Statora (the spelling my varry because of immigration. If so you can email me at  28 Aug. 2002

TIKALSKY. Wisconsin - my maternal grandmother's family - Tikalsky - married into Wenzel family. Tikalsky hailed from current Slovakia. my Father's family is Seffker. Any information to share with me is welcome.  Angie Cope  July 2002.

WAYCASTER.  I am researching my "Waycaster" family. We were always told that this side was "full-blooded Cherokee" although I've had little luck documenting this. In the "genforum" website, Waycasters are stated to be of Germanic descent.  Could this family be "Black Deutsch?"   P. Cooper 6 May 2001

YANCER.  Please contact John Yancer with information on the Yancer family.  16 Oct. 2000

YANSERS or YANCERS, New York.  I am searching for information about Roma in New York State. More specifically, Upstate NY. Even more specifically, Schenectady New York. I have seen brief mention of a group of Roma living near Schenectady named Yansers or Yancers. What little information I have come across indicates that the Yancers were treated quite brutally and were even flogged for sport. Could someone please suggest some literature I might read to learn more about this subject. Or perhaps even tell me directly what you know about this.  I am from Schenectady and I would like to learn more about this. It is not for any reason other than a desire to know more about my niche in the universe.  Thank you.   Duncan Campbell Crary 6 Oct. 2000

 ZIKO.  Chicago and Indiana.  My husband is a grandson to Duke Ziko.  Said to be the king of Gypsies.  Duke Ziko got his crown from father, Eli Ziko.  I am looking for some info on the rest of the family said to be living in Chicago.  E. Ziko  June 2000 (Please send a valid Email address - Thanks)

 ZIKO.  I am the firstborn son of Duke Ziko. I would love to know more about the Roma culture. You may contact me through my friends e-mail for now. T. Ziko  July 2002

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