This is "News?"

When you read these, engage gray matter. Think.  If Roma and Travellers had a National Association of Roma and Travellers in the U.S.A., the newsmedia might be more circumspect about such careless reporting.  What fraction of this stuff is even remotely associated with Gypsies or Travellers???

May the Good Lord help us.   I am in the process of having my driveway paved, and I have been told over and over that all the "short cuts" are done by "Gypsies."  However, my blue eyed Portuguese neighbor (decidely not Roma) has not yet finished by drive!

OK, so the scam is sometimes part of the game.   Gypsies or Travellers did not invent this for crying out loud.  Most do not.  We did not invent the ruse!  Do "we gotta love this" notariety?  Some of this should be legally actionable!  Beware these places.  

Most of the comments were written by a Romanichal, and are from that slant.

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